my name is Fabian Gaussling. I am a freelance database consultant and trainer from Hamburg, Germany. On this page I offer my database online courses for beginners as well as more experienced users. I will enhance the range of courses step by step. If you want to try the courses you can do that without costs. Just write me an eMail to register@gaussling.com and tell me which module you want to check out. You can then test one module of your choice for 7 days. Then you can decide if you want to continue. The courses can be paid via PayPal.

I am offering the following courses:

  • SQL Basics Course (already available)
  • SQL Advanced Course (already available)
  • SQL Tuning Course (Oracle or MS SQL Server)
  • PL/SQL Basics Course (Oracle)
  • MDX Basics Course (will start in June ’17)
  • NoSQL Basics Course (will start in June ’17)
  • Databasemodelling Course (will start in June ’17)

You can pick modules from any course you want and in this way it’s possible to create your own curriculum as you  need it. E.g. you can select 3 modules from SQL Basics course and combine it with 2 modules from MDX Basics course.

eMail support is included, i.e. if you have questions on the content, installation, exercises, solutions, etc. don’t hesitate and just email me. I’ll answer your questions within 24 hours.

Besides this I can also offer you a training lab on a virtual machine if you don’t have your own laptop or if you can’t use it for training purpose.

If you are now interested in online trainings just check out the details!

Courses & modules can be booked in two ways. You just simply write me an email to register@gaussling.com or you fill out the application form (PDF) and send it to me. Your choice!

After I received your eMail I send you back a confirmation mail and also the access data for the training portal. You can directly start your training from that point on and pay the course withing the next 14 days. If you decide within these two weeks that you don’t like it, then you just don’t pay it. The access will automatically end after 14 days if your payment wasn’t made in this time. So no risk for you!

If you already have questions on online training or you even want to book something, please please write me an eMail: register@gaussling.com

See you soon!

Fabian Gaussling