Online Courses


I offer a lot of different database courses also in an online version. All courses consist of different modules and all the modules can be combined in the way you want it. With this approach it’s possible to create your own personal curriculum as you need it. In the following table I’ve collected all available modules. At this moment these are the modules for courses SQL Basics and SQL Advanced. I will enhance this table by the modules of the other courses soon.

No. Description Time needed price / month
C0100 SQL Basics (complete course) 34h 30,00€
M0101 Database theory 2h 1,75€
M0102 DDL + DML 7h 6,00€
M0103 Create single table queries 5h 4,50€
M0104 Query multiple talbes (JOINS) 5h 4,50€
M0105 Grouping & Aggregation 5h 6,50€
M0106 Subqueries 8h 7,00€
M0107 Set operations 2h 1,75€
C0200 SQL Advanced (complete course) 22h 20,00€
M0201 Analytical functions 10h 9,00€
M0202 Group By extensions (ROLLUP, etc.) 5h 4,50€
M0203 Miscellaneous 2h 2,00€
M0204 Basics in SQL tuning 5h 4,50€

To get further information on the content of each module just click on the description. The prices in the list are without VAT and they refer to the allocation of training materials (course scripts, exercises, solutions, videos, links, etc.) in the moodle training portal plus eMail support. Prices given here are for a month. Take a look at the discount section to see if there are some discounts available for you.

eMail support is included in the module fee. That means if you have questions on the content or other course related stuff just write me an email. I’ll answer it within 24 hours.

Besides that you can chose between further  support options. Of course you can also register without chosing further support option.

Additional support options:

Description Price
Pre-configured environment (VM Ware) 15€ / month
1:1 learning support (phone, Skype, Teamviewer, etc) 50€ / hour
Group support (max. 4 participents, video conference) 20€ / hour



Till the end of september there is the special opening discount of 30% on all bookings.

Example of calculation:

You have already some basic knowledge on SQL queries but you are interested in improving your skills. For that you want to register for the modules Joins (M0104), Aggregation & Grouping (M0105) and Analytical Functions (M0201). You want access to the material for two months and also the eMail support. At the moment you receive 30% discount. That makes in total:

Modules M0104, M0105, M0201 (2 months)  40,00 €
Discount 30%  -12,00 €
Total  28,00 €

If you decide while you are learning that you need 1:1 support it’s no problem to book it then.

Free test module

I don’t offer a free test module any longer. But you can just apply for the course. You receive your access data to the course portal immediately and you can pay within 14 days. That means you can test the course for 2 weeks and if you don’t like it then you just don’t pay it. The access will automatically end after 14 days if your payment wasn’t made.

What advantages do you have with my online courses?

In my opinion there are three main advantages:

  1. You can learn when and where you want to. Especially if you have a lot of to do in your job this is an opportunitiy to improve your skills in the time and tempo you want to. Also it’s possible to start at any time.
  2. You can create your own individual curriculum. That gives you the ability to just improve the skills you want to improve.
  3. It’s just cheaper then attending a classroom training.
  4. eMail support for further questions is included. Other trainings offer you videos and texts but no further support.
What exactly does the course price contain?
  • Module learning scripts (PDF)
  • Introduction Document  “How do I learn with online course?”
  • A learning plan for each module
  • The training database and solutions (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Tutorials how to configure your training environment on your laptop for several databases
  • 1x/week I offer a Webinar (1h) on different topics
  • Access to videos, links, articles, extra exercises, etc.
  • Exchange with other students in the learning portal (moodle)
  • A participation certificate
  • eMail support


How exactly does the studying with online courses work?

After you’ve applied for your modules  you receive an eMail with your login details to the training portal. There you’ll find the introduction documents on how to configure your environment, how to install the training database, how to get in contact with other students and how to generally learn with the online material.

If you’ve ordered also a pre-configured learning environment I’ll also send you login parameters for that and how to connect against this machine. Also i can send you before your course start the installation documents if you want to configure your own laptop.

Now you can start directly with the online courses!

For each module there is a learning plan. In this plan you find details on what you schould read, watch, do in which order. Also you find additional links and materials there. In the portal there also a lot of additional execises if you have the feeling that you want to practice more than in the standard curriculum.

If you have problems or questions on the content or on execises you can post your question or problem directly to me (via eMail). I will help you within 24 hours. If there are some really difficult problems we can also arrange a 1:1 support session. There I also have the opportunity to log on your machine and guide you directly through your problem/question.

Beside the different support options I also organize a weekly webinar (1h) about a certain topic. That depends on the questions of all students. Also I offer from time to time free group sessions (4-8 participants) where you can also post your questions.

Location / Starting dates

These online trainings will start where you want it and when you want it. You just have to set up your laptop or order pre-configured environment to start. Then you can learn where you want as long as an internet connection is available.

The same with the starting date. Normally I only need 1 – 3 days of preparation time. Then you can directly start your course.

How to apply for an online training?

If you want to apply just fill out the application form (PDF) or directly send me an email to You then receive a confirmation, the acces data and an invoice for your order. You can start immediately with the access data.

The payment can be done within the next 14 days. Therefore the invoice contains a reference-no. You then have to pay the course via PayPal. My PayPal account is:

The Payment should contain the reference-no so I can easily assign it to your order. When I receive your payment I will give you access for the complete time you’ve booked the courses.

If you have further questions on the online courses don’t hesitate to contact me: